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The Autoimmune Protocol diet emphasizes eliminating unwanted inflammation from the body by eliminating food-driven triggers. It is a relatively new diet approach and focuses on the following elements:

 It eliminates the foods that cause inflammation so that the immune system

of the body can be reset properly.

 It focuses on restoring healthy gut function and improving the gut


 This diet focuses on consuming a nutrient-dense diet.

This diet needs to be followed strictly, in order to see results. To achieve positive outcomes, one needs to follow the autoimmune protocol diet for at least 30 days. After the elimination period, foods are reintroduced to the diet.

Benefits of Autoimmune protocol diet:

Is the autoimmune protocol diet beneficial? Well, it definitely is. One study showed that the Autoimmune Protocol diet reduces inflammation and encouraged remission in 78% of the study participants. I make no claims that the Autoimmune Protocol will work for everyone, but it has certainly been a beneficial for many of my clients.

Why do you need support?

The Autoimmune Protocol is a specialty elimination diet and is best executed with a solid plan and lots of support. I talk to women regularly who have tried this diet and failed (repeatedly) because they were trying to go it alone. While there is a lot of information out there on the AIP diet, it is a complex protocol and can be difficult to sustain if you are not on a set plan. If there was ever a time to work with a professional health coach – it’s to set up the AIP!

Join the group and change your life:

Hundreds or maybe thousands of women are taking control of their health and renewing it with the help of Autoimmune Protocol. There is obviously no concept of one size or diet plan suiting all types of immune systems, with the AIP you will find the just right foods for your body. If you have significant health problems or take medication, talk to your doctor before trying the AIP diet.

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