• Krysti Rowker

What About the Paleo Diet for Autoimmune?

What is the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet is solely based on whole foods that our ancestors used to eat. It includes a high intake of protein and nutrient-dense foods.

To follow the Paleo diet, we cannot say that there is one correct way of following it. In fact, there are several ways through which a person could follow this diet and still gain all the benefits. 

Paleo for autoimmune disease

For autoimmune diseases, the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) heals the wall of our gut and restores gut flora. During all this, the chronic inflammatory response of the immune system in our body is reduced which destroys the tissues of autoimmune diseases. 

The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol does not heal autoimmune diseases, but it reduces the risk of further expansion of the autoimmune disease. Further damage to your body is prevented, and the quality of your is increased. 

The AIP foods

As mentioned earlier, the primary aim of the AIP diet is to restore healthy gut function.  The imbalances in our body, deficiencies, and restoration of digestive functions are what mainly AIP takes care of. 

The diet eliminates potential food triggers that drive inflammation and activate the immune system. The foods eliminated on this diet are processed foods, soft drinks, vegetable oil, dairy products, margarine, sugar, grains, artificial sweeteners, legumes, beans and nightshades. 

The AIP diet can be somewhat restrictive for people, but at the same time can be exciting. It’s really a matter of mindset. 


While medical treatment for autoimmune is often required, taking a whole-body approach to health can make all the difference. Don’t under estimate the benefits of eating and living healthy as part of your health care plan. 


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