Maybe you’re here because you haven’t found answers anywhere else and you came across this site and saw a glimmer of hope from a mother who’s been where you are now and has come out the other side…


Maybe you just want to feel like your old self again or feel guilty that you barely have the energy to devote to your kids or do the activities you used to enjoy. Maybe you wish you didn't need a 16 oz. latte just to get through the day.


Maybe you’re sitting there so STRESSED out thinking that there's no hope for you… I get it. I've been there, and I can help…


Hey, thriving Mama! I’m Krysti!


I know firsthand what it's like to struggle with poor health, low energy, and overall wellness. How do I know what you're going through? Because I've been through almost every consequence of being physically ‘out of whack'. Let me tell you a bit about my own journey back to vibrant energy and encourage you to achieve it for yourself!

For years I fought through daily headaches, neck pain, muscle fatigue, and low energy. I couldn’t run without feeling dizzy and lightheaded, and ending up sick for days.

I felt like my body was completely out of tune.

To be honest, I thought that this was normal.

I figured it was typical to feel sluggish and exhausted, even after a full night’s sleep.

I thought that muscle aches from carrying groceries just meant I was naturally weak.

I blamed my depression and anxiety on myself as a ‘character flaw' and tried to hide it from my loved ones...

I saw other women living far happier, passionate, exciting lives and I figured, ‘I guess this is just the way I am'.

So, I did what most people in my situation do – I sought expert advice from multiple doctors, but I still didn’t get a diagnosis or solution for my symptoms.

Because I needed things to turn around and was left to find the answers for myself, I pursued an education in nutrition so I could dive deeper into why I was feeling so sick and tired. I wanted to know how to fix myself because everywhere I turned… I just didn’t get the answer I so desperately needed.

So, I became a Certified Master Health Coach and dove into clean eating and wellness head-on.

For a long time, I even struggled with infertility issues – until I started to implement everything I learned in Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. It was only after making those vital lifestyle and nutrition changes that my body shifted into a healthier state and I became pregnant with our son.

But… although my wellness journey was improving and I was seemingly getting better… it was not the end.

It wasn't until the birth of my son when things really came to a head, and I reached my breaking point. My pregnancy was incredibly difficult. My energy plummeted, I fought acne, inflammation, irritability, constipation, and poor sleep. My husband was incredibly supportive, but I wondered why I felt so sick and exhausted when on the surface, I had a family and a great job —everything I'd ever wanted.

My delivery was a true relief, but the recovery time took twice as long as I thought it would.  As soon as we got back from the hospital, all of my symptoms continued to worsen. As usual, however, I blamed myself.

The first few months of my son's life were the hardest. My postpartum depression quickly set in and made things unbearable. I was in love with the baby in my arms, but my muscles were so weak I could barely hold him for more than a few moments and felt an inexplicable sadness. Even in the brief moments when I could see through the cloud of depression, I struggled with digestive pain and muscle fatigue.

I relied heavily on my husband and step-daughter to get through the day and asked God to show me a way to a happier life. I knew that this WAS the life I wanted, but there was something else causing this pain.

When I visited my doctor, she told me that I had incredibly high levels of inflammation and that my autoimmune system was failing. I knew I needed an intervention but didn’t want to start taking a whole onslaught of pills and medications.

This was when I started my quest for a whole health overhaul. I studied the autoimmune system, inflammation, and gut health.

I read everything I came across, attended every workshop I could find to advance my knowledge, and took a faith-based approach to healing.

I realized inflammation was the root of my symptoms.

Within weeks of completely changing my diet and removing the foods that triggered my body, I began to notice shifts in my mood, energy levels, and physical stamina. My depression began to lift, and my passion for life came back. Suddenly, I could really enjoy and appreciate what was right in front of me: a job that I loved, a son who meant the world to me, and a husband and step-daughter that supported me through everything.

Since then, my life has transformed in so many ways.

I have clear skin, smooth digestion, and ten times the energy I used to have. My depression is gone, and my zest for life has returned. It's incredible knowing that all of my past problems originated in one place – the gut.

I went from feeling…




I now live to help other women live their best lives. By taking a unique approach to clean eating and energy, I have been able to change the lives of many women who struggled just like I did.


Get in touch with me HERE to transform your own health and start living your happiest, most vibrant life!

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